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Fresh Juice.
Great Taste.
Enough to share

Life can be complicated but, some things can be made simply. 
Our margarita mix, which is made from only four ingredients; fresh pressed limes, fresh pressed lemons, filtered water, and pure cane sugar.
The juiciest citrus from south of the border is cut and hand pressed to collect the juice.
Cane sugar dissolves daily in fresh water to create a crisp clear syrup.
Blending the tart juice and sweet syrup creates a well balanced base for the perfect margarita.
No margarita would be complete without a quality tequila. We challenge you to find a smoother more enjoyable one than Nosotros Blanco Tequila.
The final ingredient is DeKuyper Triple Sec Liqueur which is added to round out the citrus even more with just a hint of orange flavor. 
When these six ingredients hit your cup you will be ready for anything.